Summer Exhibition 2018 is here and what an impression it has made. After 250 years it never disappoints its visitors and with Grayson Perry and his committee of fellow artists handpicking the finalists, this years looks set to raise the bar even higher. With over 1,300 artworks for this year’s Summer exhibition I visited “art made now” to check it all out.

From established international and UK artists, to emerging new talent, this is a great chance for them to showcase their work and what an impact it must of made for the lucky few who were shortlisted. From the bold & colourful to the crazy and political; you name it, it was there! It’s one of my favorite events in my calendar because it opens your eyes up to such a broad range of interesting art, sculpture and architectural design.

An enthusiastically democratic spectacle that breathes a gust of new life into longstanding tradition.Rachel Campbell-Johnston, The Times

Anyone who not that familiar with the summer exhibition, it’s ‘the’ most precious venue to have artwork displayed for any artist and is a must see in any calendar for the public to buy unique pieces of work.

If you’re interested in applying next year, you have nothing to lose. Personally, after looking at the array of inspiration, you don’t have to be the best drawer but create something which is important to you. You can only submit x2 designs so plan ahead for next year, go to the exhibition to get a feeling of the place and work out your price range. There are two stages to get through, first one is the digital, followed by taking your artworks with frames in, and then they will go through the process whether it’s made it in!

If you do have a chance I would highly recommend you go, for those who can’t, I’ve pulled a mix of art which I hope you enjoy and hope it starts something exciting.

Royal Academy of Arts

Piccadilly site
Burlington House, Piccadilly,
London, W1J 0BD


5-minute walk from Piccadilly tube.


Exhibition open 9 June 2018- 19 August 2018

Daily 10am–6pm
Friday 10am–10pm


Please note- Times between 12-3pm most popular times to go, so you may wish to plan your trip earlier.




Adult Gift Aid*
£18.00 each

£16.00 each

Under 16
£0.00 each

£11.00 each

Art Fund
£15.00 each

£11.00 each

Income Support
£11.00 each

£11.00 each

Disabled Person
£11.00 each

Disabled persons Carer or Facilitator
£0.00 each

Book online at or by phone on 020 7300 8090 (lines are open 10am – 5pm, 7 days a week).