I made my way to Premier Vision, Paris to pull together a print and style trends for you all to see. I’m not a WGSN journalist, It’s just little old me, trying to get as such information as I can. I had my press card but there’s no way I could get the close-up shot like what someone from WGSN can, so I’ve pulled together a summary of the main prints for next years season.

When I’m at PV I’m usually more interested in what people are wearing and how they style themselves to make their own trend. Being Unique and yourself is very much a positive message so I wanted to focus more on this part too.  If you view my London Fashion Week report, being yourself and uniqueness is a key driven positive message and as we tend to look on Instagram at our favorite fashion bloggers….. you, we, the public are the trendsetters.

Below is my breakdown for the key looks I saw with the print studios and also what I saw less of. Also look at my London Fashion Week for the full trend report from the industry experts to help you break done the key looks your going for.

Report breakdown

Print Trend Report
Print houses -looked strong
People trend

Trend  BreakdownAW19/20

Key Trends

Winter Floral

  • Mix & match patchwork floral
  • 70’s inspired, William Morris
  • Large & spaced heritage Floral
  • Geometric floral/camouflage
  • Dark base and rich earthy tones
  • Painted/sketched Chinoise prints
  • Toile de Jouy
  • 40’s inspired micro geometric floral
  • Retro neck scarf prints
  • Ikat vintage floral checks

80’S Key Looks

  • Traditional Saville row suiting check
  • Grunge tartans
  • Animal prints-Leopard key, move on Ikat Peopard!

Key Animal Conversationals

  • cats
  • swans
  • Deer
  • Owls


  • Ombre watercolour stripes
  • Ikat Stripes
  • Verticle floral stripes


  • geo shape ikat
  • Stripes
  • Navajo Ikats
  • Stripe ikats


  • Animal conversational Dinosaur etc
  • large florals
  • ikat florals
  • Nature inspired textures
  • Bird/feather theme

Helena GavshonVintage Prints

Helena Gavshon works with most of the big fashion brands out there. If you’re looking for Vintage prints with a modern twist, have a look at her website. Based in Westbourne Grove, West London, her design studio is a designers dream and is very inspirational. Have a look at her website, differently, a must see print studio if you’re looking for something that extra special.


Vintage LabelVintage prints

I was blown away but Vintage Labels stand. Nicky has the most incredible vintage collection of prints and as a print designer myself, I was in print heaven! She sources and sell’s her collection.

Check out her website and send any mood boards over so she can select the correct prints. A must see!!



Apolline, ParisBaby/Toddler prints

One of the best Baby/toddler print studio around. Apolline is a French studio, based in Paris and creates the most charming soft and beautiful prints. Its quite scandi looking and has that handcrafted feel but has so much character. Very unique, a good one to check out!



Good old SEE CREATURES making a strong presence again this year. If you’re in need of men/ women and kidswear, SEE CREATURES always has a great mix collection. Only worth getting in to see his work, and he’s very good at pretending he’s a robot in his picture :)!




Paper & Cloth

Paper & Cloth were looking really strong this year at PV. Prints looked really strong and new!! Looked really good especially for toddler girls. Charming hand sketched illustrated prints, which is so nice to see rather than hard vector print on a toddler. Really lovely collection. If you’re stuck for a few winter print, have a look at the website and get that appointment book in.



Personal Styles

People’s Trend


Here I had grouped the different styles I saw people wearing which I thought looked really exciting, especially when people come from around the world to be at PV. As I mentioned at the top of the report, I personally think people are the trendsetter and It’s how you style yourself, be unique and not to follow any rules!  Fashion at the end of the day is an expression of yourself and your character. That’s why I thought it was important to get these shots in and show how people create their own trend.

I’ve group what I can to make it easier to view by category.

Thank you for reading, hope you found it useful!

Floral styling

Dark base floral was a key look, from winter to summer dark based, micro sister prints, vintage heritage embroidery, tonal geo florals, and the patchwork floral.

Leopard print styles

Lots of tonal leopard and zebra print mix combo. Loved the way how people styled them in different ways, from easy cool simple layering pieces to more styles statement looks.

80's checks and stripe styles

Loved these simple 80’s prints and easy retro stripe layering pieces. People wearing them in different ways, from easy day styles to more power dressing suits statements.

Mix n' match styles

Print clash mix up….and I loved it! Bold, confident casual, whatever the way it styled, it worked! We need more of this look for AW18, bring on the colour clash!

90's sport styles

90’s sports vibe looked great, Simple garment, bold colours, simple sports styles, back to basic…..it just works! Loved the different looks, and I loved the pop of leopard print, to give it a bit of a punch. Great styles looked effortlessly cool!

Classic girl styles

The classic chick, simple silhouettes, easy classics stripes, monochrome colours, simple but I love the fact it still looks modern. Easy comfortable layering pieces for the ever day.