T-SHIRT CULT CULTURE SUBCISION at the Fashion & Textiles Museum displayed a vase amount of statement slogan tees collections, covering  an exciting ,cool & powerful vibe covering 100 tees over the last 50 years. Statement tees back in the early 20th century, was a cheap way or customising a basic tee, to creating something which had a meaning, a statement, a talking point…..something exciting or something not so, but expressing fundamental concerns of that tim, and even now to date.

Using a japanese developed thermochromic ink, this technique was a fashionable trend in the rave dance in the UK & USA. 

— Generra Hypercolor T-shirt c.1990

A plain tee- can literally start a whole new meaning and exciting chapter, after customisation.The tee shirt became a fashion statement, rather than a piece of utility wear, after Marlon Brando wore one in 1951 film a streetcar, named desire, since then it’s become a stable for everyone.

There was  something for everyone from  Bold glitter Biba designs which my mum would remember buying as a teenager,Elton john stage tee, Bowie,Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen,Boy George,BOY Europe, LCD, PSD Acid house,Mozart,Rolling Stones, and many more designers and current artists expressing  the power and beautiful of music, fashion, powerful slogans & current topics broadcasting political global aspects of today’s crisis situation, but in all this creating a pack, a tribe, something you felt proud to belong too!

First emoji tee created in 1999 by japanese designer Shigetaka Kurita, part of a mobile internet system ‘i-mode translated into T-shirt form.

- Emoji T-shirt, Philip Normal, 2016

Henry Holland’s collaboration with BRITA, ‘Single use plastic is never fantastic T-shirt, which focuses on global warming statement tee, which i  thought looked bold but cool too, and think also if clothing companies start looking into more sustainable fabric, using just a one colour print Ikeeping pigment print low ij colour) unisex range, could make a difference, we all have to start small,  it takes time to build something up but it will pay off in the future, because we do just have one planet and we need to start looking after.

After looking around, it made me want to dig out  my Beestie boys & Pacific ocean tees ready for the summer festival….I’d do the same if I were you or if you don’t, go on this really cool American clothing website https://www.junkfoodclothing.com/collections/mens-tees, to shop for a cool signature ACDC style tee…enjoy:)