Overall most of the brand I saw were organically draw freehand style illustration on graphic and prints, which was a key look, but everyone has their own style and I know when I see a Bobo Choses and Mini Rodini print, they all have their own specific handwriting. Liberty kids targets many for baby/toddler clothes. Adorable toys by Tamar Mogendorff and  Meri Meri as always, have her fabulous gifting collections for any occasion.

Colours palette across the store, earthy & rustic organic tones, with pop of coral, pink as  highlight. One colour monochrome designs seem to be a key trend across kid swear, where you’re using pops of highlight or just one colours.

Tamar Mogendorff


New York based Tamar Mogendorff, has showcased her collection of soft sculptures children’s toys in Liberty store for a while now, and I absolutely love her collections. From swans, to narwhal,Unicorns the list goes on. Charming toys which I know every child would love. To see her full collection, go to her


Soft gallery


Soft gallery looking as strong as always. Beautiful hand illustration design across her latest collection. The style of handwriting feel very raw and playful, childlike illustration, but using one colour prints, mainly dark charcoal, with pops of neon. Paint splash effects as all over prints in a subtle colour palette, looks very pretty but also cool at the same time.

Mini Rodini


Mini Rodini  looked really strong. With their signature simple motif all over print in their quirky handwriting, the donkey was the star of the show in this latest collection. Simple nautical coloured stripe, one colour large scale polka dot aop’s leopard print, all commercial designs, which looks strong amongst the other quirky illustrated prints they usually do. Looked very strong and fun.

Meri Meri


Meri Meri party Gifts , Stationary,baking & gifting, for me she is the best on the high street. Her designs are ridiculous brilliant, so if you haven’t heard about this company, check out her  website, if you have any kids party’s or you just love her illustration.

Noé & Zoë


Berlin based children swear company, have been in Liberty for a while & also in Selfridge. They do baby girls to teen wear. Organically draw and painted graphic and prints.I love this potato stamp star design, variation of colours, looks really neat and tight. If you want to see more, check out their website


Overall there were strong trends coming through from different scale florals, from bohemian compact ditsy florals to large scale orientals prints. 90’s  monochrome statements typography was a key look in store, interesting slogan placements, bold type AOP one colour, very branded like the 90’s sport brands. Positive slogan are still keys. Interesting stitch typography which looks new and looked modern. Still seeing lots of rainbow stripe, from classic engineered settings, hand drawn textures, to sun kissed ombre’s, but also a 70’s retro vibe.

Vintage oriental floral design from long length camonoe to traditional style Chinese blouses. Powerfully elegant and beautiful statement pieces.

Bohemian floral peasant tops & long length floaty dress seemed to be a statement look in Liberty Store. Beautiful compact and spaced Ditsy floral, floral border placements… key piece this season

Stitching typography & illustration graphics

80/90’s slogan typography tees, from all over print, sleeve placement panels to centre front facing, this monochrome typography trend is everywhere. From bold 90’s brand font to positive slogan text, not just pigment print but also flocks & raised silicone prints.

Rainbow stripes are key this season, from sun kissed ombre’s, to sporty 70’s horizontal top placement, vertical and horizontal hand painted stripes, to statement lurex pleated skirts.


The homeware department never disappoints. I love the ceramics Collection by Emma Studio. The use of colour is so inspirational, especially if you need to pull together a colour pallette.Karen Mabon delightful cushions, beautifully illustrated and a real statement piece in your room. Lots of tropical planting and caucuses,and a real treat when I spotted Jimbo collection of characful animal illustration which looks different and will put a smile on anyone’s face!


Great selection of exciting modern shoes. Stella McCartney collection with high wedge star shoes, great for occasion and more tradition styles, with the Gucci Brixton loafers which look great.


They had a lots illustration style and fun quirky conversational. Lots of panda monochrome prints. Esmie oriental notebook range, and been displayed in store for a while now and looks brilliant. Their screen printed by hand, and if you have a birthday coming up for a friend, this would be a great gift.