Nottinghill/ Portobello Road vintage independent boutiques

Vintage Prints

Nottinghill/ Portobello Road vintage independent boutiques. Prints dating from late 18th century, old English and a mix of Oriental. Colour palette makes this pattern’s looks elegant and high-end. Lots of verticle stripes combined with detailed patterns.

Portobello Road

independent boutiques

Exciting mixture of unexpected animal prints you wouldn’t normally see. 2 colour Tie-die prints, denim appliques back placements. Eastern & South American inspired Navajo patterns and interesting lurex  sleeve appliques

Portobello Stolls

Vintage & Retro

Vintage ditsy plates & cups, retro posters designs…and  market shirt prints.

Stumper & Fielding

Mens & Womens

If you’re looking for the best British traditional outfit, forget Gants or Ralph Lauren, you need to check out Stumper & Fielding. One of my favorite shops in Portobello, Notting Hill. They’ve been trading for over 30 years and are at the top of their game when it comes to quality and craftmanship tailoring.

Jonathon Adler

Westbourne Grove, Interior

I can’t go down Westbourne Grove and not pop into one of my favorite iconic 50’s interior designer, Jonathon Alders. Beautiful sculpture designs and so many eye-catching interesting pieces. Very inspirational and never disappoints!

All Saints & Paul SmithWestbourne Grove, Notting Hill


Just took a few pictures of a couple of items which caught my eye!

Spitalfields market & Bricklane

old CD covers, Vintage prints Posters typography inspiration, local graffiti

Here are some designs which caught my eye. Loved the old poster & CD design covers. Vintage quilts with eastern/ Mexican embroidery, and generally looking at what some peeps were wearing. The bottom pictures are street shots of graffiti from around Truman Brewery, Bricklane.