Shrimps are tiny, intriguing creatures living on the bottom of the oceans and play a vital role in maintaining the ecological balance of the sea.

The Design Shrimp is a one graphic designer run creature living in the depths of the internet, playing a disruptive role in maintaining the ecological balance of the fashion industry by sharing insights into the latest exhibitions, interviews with the people in the jobs that the industries future talent are aiming to be in, shop reports, tutorials for the latest and the trusted top selling techniques through all her designs on the blog.

So why I am I called the design Shrimp? Well, I’m a Graphic & Print Designer with over 10 years experience, and my dad nicknamed me Shrimp!

Drawing and designing have always been a part of my life. From an early age we found out I was dyslexic and I would draw the words I couldn’t spell. It’s got better now but if you see some silly typos that will be why!

I’ve worked for 10 years as a textile & graphic designer and currently working for one of the U.K biggest retailers in London. I’m not one to big myself up but multiple times through my career, I have designed top-selling collections.

With all these years of experience across different brands, tackling different challenges and briefs, from high end interior artworks to surfwear companies, I wanted to create a space to share this, with a plan to make a difference & help the next generation for anyone interested in Fashion & art. I want to share my skills, which I’ve had to learn off my own back to help others, whether it’s learning more skills on Photoshop & Illustrator, how to create a moodboard for industry & shareing my research trips & Exhibitions around London.

I also offer a bospoke trend reseach service, for companies abroad who may want to limited outgoing cost. The report will be specifically modified for what you’re looking for, and the report will be fine tunes and emailed to you.

I also have my own small Unisex sustainable clothing brand with limited edition wallart prints, . 10% of my yearly profits go to to help fight & raise awareness of coral bleaching. If you have a change, check it and I would love to hear from you and what you think.

There’s so much free help and advise here to help you all, so take advantage of this and I really hope it helps. If you like to contact me, write to and I’ll get back to you s soon as I can.

Thanks for visiting, and please keep coming back for more interesting design posts!

Kate x

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