Here are some Artwork specs to help you prepare your artwork for factory use. Download the Print Technique PDF in my tutorial section so you understand all print processes which are used in the industry. You need to be clear and give them as much information as possible. If you come across a new technique, ask one of your buying team to send this out early so your supplier can start developing a swatch for you. To view all print techniques used within textiles print design in the fashion/interior on a daily basis, download my PDF file 

I need to highlight and make you aware of the effects Carbon footprint and wastage has within the fashion industry. As you will be the next generation of designers, think about designing to a limited carbon budget and creating a design model where sustainability is core within your brief. Every design you create, try to reduce the carbon footprint impact in some way. Print designers may want to reduce the number of colours used in an artwork, fewer treatments like sublimation, digital and discharge agents. Sequins and glitters where plastics are being used and creating more two-way repeat layout where there’s less wastage. Product designers can use organic cotton, fewer garment washes for example like acid wash, burnout fabrics and perhaps more classic layering pieces, rather than lots of fast fashion print base garments.

Be a clever designer and think quality over quantity!